The colour white has been witnessing burgeoning popularity over the last few years. The same is evident from the ever-growing count in households switching to white wood solid oak flooring as the flooring of their choice. If you are wondering what makes it an attractive option, this article shall eventually feed your curiosity with convincing reasons. Let’s look at all those features justifying the sudden rise in demand for white wood flooring.

1.Offers Staining Options

One is free to experiment with finishing choices available at one’s disposal to suit modern apartments. This particular feature reflects its acceptance of customisation without robbing one of the liberty to leave it white and unstained. The latter unfinished look, not only preserves the natural feel but also adds to homes a rustic touch.

2.Scores High In Sustainability

Another impressive feature of white wood flooring is that it’s environment-friendly. All thanks to strict regulations in areas where it’s grown and forested responsibly! Moreover, there’s a certain peace of mind in knowing that intensive usage of the same hardly depletes natural resources.

3.Proves Extremely Durable

Compared to any other wood species, specifically red oak flooring, white oak impresses users with its long-lasting nature. By resisting significant wear and tear over the years, it has built up an invincible durability standard in the market. Neither dents nor scratch marks prove strong enough to leave it damaged. Whatever little it experiences, never shows up due to the raised grain pattern. So, no matter how heavy the foot traffic is, it shall always stay firm and unaffected by the external strain created on them.